Pozitive energy

Share your gifts

And be blessed every time you give !

Every good deed bears its reward within

Join us in the joy – of recieving it…

Face this! The dead are Honored with blood shed

Stretch your right hand to give, not to get!

And if you´re bold – get some blessing before You go:

Alcohol for the apach

Democracy for the arab

Save the free

Judge the dead

Here is some positive energy

come and feel it

Junk the positive energy,

the more you have it, the better it´ll get!

Be careful what you are wishing for,

White flesh, ignorance is bliss.

You want more than you deserve

or deserve more than need?

Beweare Nothing is for free

Don´t pay Your soul as a fee

But don’t let me hinder you,

by accomplishing your goal!

Work hard, achieve your dream!

Let you´re way be guided by Greed!

– Adapt to the environment:

Fuck others, care for yourself!

And if the sanity or conscience troubles thee

Check the reality show on TV


Positive energy: willpower and agility

The more you move, the deeper you sink

Positive energy: quickness and mobility

get faster to the edge of the abyss

Positive energy: strength and vitality

Endure more, so you can suffer more


And So I wish:

Work for pathologist

acceleration for automobiles

Booze for the alcoholist

Dose for the heroinist

Success for the cheater

Trust for the liar

Hope for the lost

Back to the enemy!


And Positive energy for me

And Positive energy for me

And positive energy for me

And positive energy for all!!!!