Nova Era

Nova Era, duro hora

Ultima ætas

Saturnia regna!

We are the few, who have in fact

prepared for the


for the inevitable

Saw hiden power

reap secret glory

never fading

ever bleaking

Even now

in times of rise

mime the meek

keep it still

feed on despair

on sorow and gain

the clarity

of brutality

Dead, lost and forgotten

Questionable existence

Make a mark and

value our system

awe strucking

fear inspirirng



awe strucking

fear inspirirng

Nova Era

Duro hora

the lawfull


by the ruthless

by the spinless


the fires

of the sacred

of the damned

Nova Era Duro hora

Ultima ætas Saturnia regna


Doom is free

Doom song

The Neokons strenghten their grip around our throat
Try to make us sell what they coud´not take with force
Our body, our soul, our future seed
The very ground from under our feet
Infesting our young minds with corrupted thoughts
Planting their sick world concept in our own
Overhelming them with things they will never need
To replace they need for love with mindless greed

From their artificial sickness we slowly die
This is our silent genocide !

The freedom closes in from all sides
This is our silent genocide !

Everything we know is falling apart
And all we´re doing is closing our eyes
The forreign merchants that mark our nations growth
Are only flys attracted by the smell of rot
At least someone knows what we are:
A piece of shit falling from the sky


A piece of shit falling from the sky
In th air everithing is allrigh
Enjoy you´re luck enjoy the moment
about the future i don´t want to hear a comment

Enjoy you´re luck enjoy the moment

About some impact i dont want to hear comments

feel their grip on your throat
allmost a deadly choke
still in the servant´s role!
Our servillence will be the end of us all
And what can you await as loan ?
only kicks in our groin

Just look what our leaders do ?
For their own prospect sell our soules
Tell our enemys how to exploit
What to steal what to destroy…

True, without their help
we woud „succed“
Our worst enemies
are we ourselfs
To doom us all
we don´t need someone

To doom us all we don´t need someone else…