It has begun !

Yes! It is the day ! As I predicted in my post , the Standard and Poors are acknowledged by the court as ‘the cause’ of the damages to the public ! As the quote states :

the agency had published false information and given “negligent misrepresentations” to potential investors about the riskiness of two financial products.

The AAA rating conveyed a message that the likelihood of financial obligations being met was “extremely strong”.

It was also “a representation that S&P had reached this opinion based on reasonable grounds and as the result of an exercise of reasonable care when neither was true and S&P also knew not to be true at the time made,” Judge Jagot said.


Yes ! I see the lawyers around the world uniting under the flag of damages lawsuits against the prognostics.

Let them burn!

Und jetzt mit alternativen Text!

Es Dauert !

das Habgier… aus den selbsüchtigen Herzen zu entnehmen,
mit mir.. dem Gipfel hinauf ewig Kriege führen
befreie… die Herzen die steigen verdienen
Samen des Todes… verkörpernd den Kern der Erde
Die Wandlung dauert so lang, das Land entglüht
Das Feuer nimmt zu, das Schicksal entfaltet sich

Das Sein trudelt ins Nichts!
Ich stand auf der Spitze der Welt – und sah, wie ihr euch umsonnst tötet !
Solcher Angst, in der Welt, schaft Abschäuligkeiten

Und deshalb… Deshalb….

Alle Verreter der Welt… Lasst sie brennen
sie wollen alles ?… Lasst sie brennen

Scheiß auf sie – verdirbt sie…und Lasst sie brennen
das Habgier… aus den selbsüchtigen Herzen zu entnehmen,

mit mir.. dem Gipfel hinauf ewig dieses Krieg führen
befreie… die Herzen die steigen verdienen
Der Kern der Erde – das Samen des Todes
Dies ist mein Krieg, und meine Erlösung

Ich zerstöre dich, auch wenn ich draufgehe

Ich verderbe dich !


Leben heißt leben !

I found this amazing video for Rammstein´s “Feuer und Wasser Song”. Amazing combination, i see the song in a new perspective.

The same is true for this genial song from Laibach. The original german text is found below.

Leben heißt leben !

Wann immer wir Kraft geben
geben wir das Beste
all unser Koennen, unser Streben
und denken nicht an Feste

Und die Kraft bekommen alle
wir bekommen nur das Beste
wenn jedermann auch alles gibt
dann wird auch jeder alles kriegen
Leben heisst Leben!

Leben heisst Leben
wenn wir alle die Kraft spueren
Leben heisst Leben
wenn wir alle den Schmerz fuehlen
Leben heisst Leben
heisst die Mengen erleben
Leben heisst Leben
heisst das Land erleben

Wann immer wir Kraft geben
geben wir das Beste
all unser Koennen, unser Streben
und denken nicht an Feste
von jedem wird alles gegeben
und jeder kann auf jeden zaehlen
Leben heisst Leben!

Welch ein Glueck das es vorbei ist
wir dachten nichts wird anders
jeder Augenblick der Zukunft
ist ein Gedanke an vorher
weil wir alle Kraft vergaben
wir gaben alles Beste
und jedermann jetzt nichts mehr hat
und der Tod nun aller harrt
Leben heisst Leben!


I am the dawnbringer

the dumb rigger

a numb nigger

and I always lie


deCYPHER this

I am the mist

I am newer honest

and I always lie


standard of poors

mood of the U.S.

other prognosticists

they always lie


The dumb rigger

dumping the river

denying the deed

even in afterlife


A numb nigger

hoping forewer

for a death in a bed

but is denied


The doombringer

my sign is SS or USS

makes no difference

I wear the everlie!

Nova Era

Nova Era, duro hora

Ultima ætas

Saturnia regna!

We are the few, who have in fact

prepared for the


for the inevitable

Saw hiden power

reap secret glory

never fading

ever bleaking

Even now

in times of rise

mime the meek

keep it still

feed on despair

on sorow and gain

the clarity

of brutality

Dead, lost and forgotten

Questionable existence

Make a mark and

value our system

awe strucking

fear inspirirng



awe strucking

fear inspirirng

Nova Era

Duro hora

the lawfull


by the ruthless

by the spinless


the fires

of the sacred

of the damned

Nova Era Duro hora

Ultima ætas Saturnia regna


Oh Saturnia,
defend this bond. Let it last on
and let, the offspring be spawned

now is Your day – the truth is irretrievable –
but has its place – speak now, or be forever stilled,

Zeuss, by Your name
we make this bond real,
infuse Your wenom
into their veins.

Strike with lightning
beheed our chanting:

And thou shall have rings – as the snake does
and You will were them as a host does.
The rings are alike
Simbols of your unite.
Now thou are one –
You can fuck the cunt!

you are the last, called to this bond –
by your hand – can it only end

If not – banish the untrue host – to the dreded everlost.

And thou shall have rings – as the snake does
and You will were them as a host does.
The rings are alike
Simbols of your unite.
Now thou are one !
Go – and fuck the cunt!



Hades gave me sight,
to peak in to his realm

Into the realm of spirits, from our eyes hidden,
but not from our mind, which can travel trough time, trough
space and other demonsions of existence

The universe – is not created nor does it depress
Our illusions are based on the conclusion,
that if something is point reflected
it must be an explosion

We are made to belive, we are anything more – than ice
we are made to belive the astral consists of anything else – but ice
The truth is deeply concield behind the blury curtain of dust
We are thought false beliefs about

And if You cant chose a side – just look at the sky
There is far more darkness than light !

In doubt and in vain at the edge
of the age, there is far more darkness,
than anything else in the space.

We are the ones made to realize
the shape of the world, the meaning of the signs,
enter the chapta, when Your able to realize

There is far more darkness than light !

Pozitive energy

Share your gifts

And be blessed every time you give !

Every good deed bears its reward within

Join us in the joy – of recieving it…

Face this! The dead are Honored with blood shed

Stretch your right hand to give, not to get!

And if you´re bold – get some blessing before You go:

Alcohol for the apach

Democracy for the arab

Save the free

Judge the dead

Here is some positive energy

come and feel it

Junk the positive energy,

the more you have it, the better it´ll get!

Be careful what you are wishing for,

White flesh, ignorance is bliss.

You want more than you deserve

or deserve more than need?

Beweare Nothing is for free

Don´t pay Your soul as a fee

But don’t let me hinder you,

by accomplishing your goal!

Work hard, achieve your dream!

Let you´re way be guided by Greed!

– Adapt to the environment:

Fuck others, care for yourself!

And if the sanity or conscience troubles thee

Check the reality show on TV


Positive energy: willpower and agility

The more you move, the deeper you sink

Positive energy: quickness and mobility

get faster to the edge of the abyss

Positive energy: strength and vitality

Endure more, so you can suffer more


And So I wish:

Work for pathologist

acceleration for automobiles

Booze for the alcoholist

Dose for the heroinist

Success for the cheater

Trust for the liar

Hope for the lost

Back to the enemy!


And Positive energy for me

And Positive energy for me

And positive energy for me

And positive energy for all!!!!

The Omnipresent

The Omnipresent

You are mortal as I

Determined by place

Limited by time

But imagine something, that lives forever

Do you know anything comparable ?

A candlelight or a forestfire

What is in it´s reach

And is ignitable

Is caught by flame


Chorus :

So is it´s nature

It doesnt cares

doesnt shares

doesnt saves

And lives

as long it feeds

Or like a cell of cancer

´till it gets suplied

practically its immortal

But as the tumor grows

so dies it inside

The living surface

uses up everything that it finds


There must be something

Similiar and omnipresent

Praying on us, draining us

How else you explain ?

That everything alive

The moment its born

Begins to die

This is what God coud be like

If it lives forever

It needs to eat forever


It doesnt cares

doesnt shares

doesnt saves

So is its nature

If it lives forever

It needs to eat forever

You pray to it ?

You must be mad !

Dont wake it´s attention

Get out of it´s path

You pray to it ?

You must be mad !

Dont wake it´s attention

Pretend that youre death

Emotional Disorder

Emotional Disorder


I‘m a drop of tear

A cornered beast

the oppressed fear

devouring greed

The voice I hear

The fury I feel

The pain I bear

The love I need

I need

I need

I need ….

Cutting your flesh

From the umblicus

up to the chest

I saw trough the bone,

Oh, that havenly tone!

I open the breast

Success at last!

And feel the joy, the warmth

By kissing your still-beating heart



Understand my sacrifice

I´ll never see the one alive

The one I love the most

For this monument of joy



And as I tear it out

The katarsis arrives

The ripping tissue’s sound

The last sight in your eyes

Fulfill the perfection

This is god’s reflection

I´ll made you immortal

Put you above all

But eternal beauty lasts

Only for one sight

Fear not the end!

Feel my love!

I’ll be with you!

I’ll never leave you!

Fear not my dear

I’ll be with thee!



Holding your hand

Until the end!

The worms

The worms

Can you feel the worms ?

Crawling in your testicles

Flesh eating in you breeding worms

I feel them in my arm

Feel them crawling around my bones

Flesh eating, ever breeding worms

Can you feel as their path burns ?

You´re getting day by day

patheticer, thinner, weaker,

but your weight is still the same !

Can you face your inner worms?

When something is in your pants tickling,

Afraid to look what it coud be ?

Afraid you woud find a wound,

and from that wound a worm

looking with eyeless head on you ?

Girl you´re so full of worms…

I don´t know what holds you together,

with all that missing flesh

with all those boiling worms,

I see them through you´re skin

Crawling over each other

Like overyeasted dough…

The pressure is growing, treshold nearing

like before an explosion!

Can you feel the worms ?