The worms

The worms

Can you feel the worms ?

Crawling in your testicles

Flesh eating in you breeding worms

I feel them in my arm

Feel them crawling around my bones

Flesh eating, ever breeding worms

Can you feel as their path burns ?

You´re getting day by day

patheticer, thinner, weaker,

but your weight is still the same !

Can you face your inner worms?

When something is in your pants tickling,

Afraid to look what it coud be ?

Afraid you woud find a wound,

and from that wound a worm

looking with eyeless head on you ?

Girl you´re so full of worms…

I don´t know what holds you together,

with all that missing flesh

with all those boiling worms,

I see them through you´re skin

Crawling over each other

Like overyeasted dough…

The pressure is growing, treshold nearing

like before an explosion!

Can you feel the worms ?


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