Emotional Disorder

Emotional Disorder


I‘m a drop of tear

A cornered beast

the oppressed fear

devouring greed

The voice I hear

The fury I feel

The pain I bear

The love I need

I need

I need

I need ….

Cutting your flesh

From the umblicus

up to the chest

I saw trough the bone,

Oh, that havenly tone!

I open the breast

Success at last!

And feel the joy, the warmth

By kissing your still-beating heart



Understand my sacrifice

I´ll never see the one alive

The one I love the most

For this monument of joy



And as I tear it out

The katarsis arrives

The ripping tissue’s sound

The last sight in your eyes

Fulfill the perfection

This is god’s reflection

I´ll made you immortal

Put you above all

But eternal beauty lasts

Only for one sight

Fear not the end!

Feel my love!

I’ll be with you!

I’ll never leave you!

Fear not my dear

I’ll be with thee!



Holding your hand

Until the end!


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