Omnipotent burocracy

Hienical economics

Open declared imperialism

It´s the disaster kapitalism !

Our demo-workers did excelent work,

So we broadcasted it live to the whole world

Fear the secret network of the Taliban

and other bullshit, that we just made up

Black gold, lots of opium and weed

It´s obivious why we are here

we even teach you, how justice shoud be

freedom for you, money for me

Feel the terror, live in fear

Support, the goverments policy

Wherever a disaster strikes,

By every humanitarian catasthrope site

We are the first, at bay to save the day

And dump our garbage from chops and planes

pretending it´s gentle aid in the crates

No need to thank, by our overproduction-rate

it woud be waste either way

We rebuild your city, homes and roads

Wich you can rent from us – with big discount

And to ensure you to be safe and sound

we established some new outposts around

We are the

most aggressive pacifists, you´ll ever find,

We´ll defend the peace at any price,

even if it woud mean nukeing you´re ass

remember this, when dealing with us:

We´re the only ones, who dared to use the bomb

The commmunists,were doing pretty good

everybody feared them in their hood

Contrary to them – we don´t limit ourselfes

and make everybody fear everybody else

Masked guys with machine guns

taking blame for wathever fits us

The CIA delivers tapes anytime

They have big rutine in the work of that type

The lies are new, but the methods old !

Fear dims the crowd´s vision terrror means control!

The treat is as real, as it has ever been

Your lands are as free as they´ll ever get

The lies are new, but the story old

Greed dims our vision! More, more, more


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